The Merriman Financial Education Programs


  • Recommended Portfolios at Motif Investing – In March 2017, he introduced an affiliation with the online service, Motif Investing, where Paul found a way – with the help of Chris Pederson – to make it easy for investors to implement his recommended asset allocations, based on his “Ultimate Buy and Hold” portfolios, and using his “Fine-Tuning Your Asset Allocation” tables to assess their personal risk level. At Motif, Paul has posted dozens of one-click, low-cost portfolios for investors at all ages and stages of life, and particularly young investors. Those who register for free and fund one or more portfolios through Paul’s affiliate link to Motif (choosing from Paul’s portfolios, others, or their own creation), may result in The Merriman Financial Education Foundation receiving a small commission. All proceeds from all sources related to the Foundation go to help fund the on-going work of the Foundation.
  • VIDEO: Financial Fitness Forever – Five Steps to More Money, Less Risk and More Peace of Mind
    This 2.5 hour video, produced by the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants, is available by special arrangement to Paul’s readers and listeners. Created for CPAs nationwide, who will receive Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits, it is intended to empower them to better educate their clients and families; as it is for you and your loved ones. For more information,click here.
  • VIDEO: Paul’s presentation: “Habits and Attitudes of Successful Investors” at the 2016 RetireMeet Conference. Download handout here.
  • Western Washington University
    Paul’s dedication to financial education for young people is evidenced in his commitment to his alma mater, WWU. Every semester, Paul visits and lectures to “Personal Investing” (FIN 216), the class  the Foundation funds, and also to the general student body and faculty. Development of the course, originally titled “Investing for the Non-Finance Major,” began in September 2013. This 40-hour (4 credit) course was designed to prepare students to take charge of their own financial future through understanding the process of investing for retirement and other important financial obligations.

    • Students learn about mutual funds, 401(k)s, IRAs, index funds, target date funds, asset allocation, selecting the best performing funds, stock and bond funds, inflation, long-term returns and risk of different investments, compound rate of return, and more.
    • From the start, the response has been overwhelmingly positive with full student enrollment and engagement. Many thanks to Professor Pamela LaBorde whose commitment to improving financial literacy and enthusiasm for teaching have been keys to the success of the program.
    • As of spring 2014, “Personal Investing” (FIN 216), as it is now called, was officially approved as a GUR, or General University Requirement. This implies that some students needing to fulfill math requirements will choose “Personal Investing” as an option to other more stringent math-based courses offered.
    • In June 2014, Paul spent a few days on the campus, presenting to and talking with both faculty and students about his favorite topics of sound investing, and was gratified by the response.  Click here to read Student Comments after completion of the first class.
  • Weekly column at MarketWatch.coma website of The Wall Street Journal.
    Paul, along with his long-time collaborator, Rich Buck, produce articles as a “RetireMentor” published on this popular site. These articles have not only developed a significant audience (averaging 50,000 opens a week) but they have been instrumental in building our free subscriber base at
  • Paul’s website –
    This website serves as a constantly-updated repository and archive for Paul’s work as a financial educator. On the site, readers easily access the MarketWatch articles and other articles by and about his investment strategies, along with weekly podcasts, an extensive archive of Questions & Answers, and regularly updated recommendations for mutual funds, ETFs and 401(k) plans. Key “evergreen” articles, updated annually, include “The Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy“, “Fine Tuning Your Asset Allocation” and “Retirement Distributions“.

    • Weekly podcasts are posted and available via RRS feed and iTunes, entitled “Sound Investing”. This podcast was named “Best Money Podcast” by Moneymagazine in 2008. The site includes access to five of his books, with free direct downloads of his three books in the “How To Invest” series.
    • Additionally, Paul offers specific recommendations for Mutual Funds (Vanguard, T. Rowe Price and Fidelity), ETFs (Vanguard, Fidelity and Charles Schwab) and 401(k) Plans for 100 U.S. Companies and the U.S. Government’s Thrift Savings Plan. These are updated annually.
    • While he responds to many comments on MarketWatch, Paul also answers his readers’ questions either on the site or in direct response by phone.
  • All of the above services are provided at no cost. Although some of Paul’s books are available at Amazon and other book sellers, all royalties are donated to The Foundation.
  • Newsletter
    Every two weeks, a free newsletter is sent to a growing list of subscribers (approximately 10,000 as of July 1, 2016). This provides links to the most recent MarketWatch articles, podcasts and Q&A’s, along with news of upcoming events, updated recommendations and insights.
  • Speaking Engagements
    Paul addresses a number of investor groups, by request, including the American Association of Individual Investors, Market Technicians Association, and others. With a significant number of radio and TV interviews and programs to his credit, Paul is frequently an on-air guest. He is also available for media interviews. Contact Paul at